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Our writers have profound knowledge in different disciplines. As you place an order, it will be assigned to an expert in the required field.

We are creative and open-minded. Our essays score high because of our writers’ innovative approach to topics.

You will find no plagiarism in your paper. Our advanced anti-plagiarism system detects coincidences with and paraphrasing of other works, which helps us to protect your paper.

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Our writers can find all the academic sources that must be mentioned in your work. They thoroughly research and analyze them.

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Running a website that provides academic assistance to university students is like driving a car or riding a bicycle. At first, you make a lot of mistakes. But in time, you learn how to do it effectively.

Back in 2008, we had no clear view of what our customers needed, which resulted in wasting our time and resources. Now, we have not only worked out an effective system of paper-writing help, but also hired top US university graduates who came from abroad and readily shared their practical insights with us.

Thus, we know how important it is for you to get the highest possible grade. That’s why we are here to help.

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Boost your grades with us

They say it takes 10,000 hours to master a skill. But how on Earth are you supposed to turn in an A+ paper in a week if you can hardly find 1 or 2 hours a day to write? We also used to be students and we know how it feels. That’s why we launched, which will assist you with the following:

  • Overcoming writer’s block

    Forget about the fear, stress, and uncertainty you have about your writing skills. We can nudge you in the right direction: write a sample for you, help you find the right sources, or edit your writing.

  • Find the right information

    Reading a ton of articles and books to find reliable research paper sources can be quite tedious. We use trustworthy libraries and online sources to gather useful information.

  • Win the race against time

    Haven’t slept in two days? Your paper is important, but there is no need to sacrifice your health for success. Go get some rest while we write your assignment. Even if it’s due tomorrow, we can complete it in just 8 hours.

  • See the difference between good ideas and bad ones

    We bet the last thing you want to hear from your teacher after turning in your paper is, “That’s an interesting idea. However, you were supposed to write about an absolutely different thing.” With us, your paper will be exactly what your teacher expects to see.

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Can’t understand a complex task? Lack ideas on how to structure your paper? Not sure if your English is perfect? Here’s how we can help to relieve your pain and get a high grade for your writing piece.
  • Experienced writers

    We hire professional writers only, who specialize in no more than one or two disciplines. Thus, you can know for certain that they will craft an authentic paper for you within a specified deadline—even if your teacher’s instructions are hard to understand.

  • Quality control

    We check each paper for plagiarism, proofread for grammar, and make certain that we comply with your requirements. Thus, we ensure you get your assignment at its best. If it doesn’t meet your expectations (though such cases are rare), we will revise it for free or even give your money back.

  • Original samples

    If you want to get detailed guidelines on paper structure or formatting, we can deliver a model assignment for you. It will not only help you with your research, but also can be added to your list of references if you cite it correctly.

About our writers

  • Who will write a paper for me?

    Say you’ve ordered a paper about classical poetry. Who will write it? This can be a high school literature teacher, a retired university professor, or a person with another professional background who has always admired classical literature and knows no less than a professor. We employ experts in 68 disciplines, so we can cover practically any topic you study.

  • How do you hire your writers?

    We have several test assignments for those who want to join our company as writers. If a person writes well in English, knows the features of academic writing, including writing style and formatting, and is an expert in one or several areas, then he or she is a great choice for us.

  • Can I see a piece of writing completed by my writer?

    Sure. For an additional fee of $5, you can get 3 fragments of custom-written papers recently completed by your writer.

  • Can I get my paper written by an ENL writer?

    Yes, you can. Many of our writers come from countries where English is the official language. However, you can pay a lower price for a writer whose native language is not English. This way, you can save money but still get an affordable custom essay of good quality.

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There is no student who wouldn’t like to understand all the disciplines in the curriculum better and get praise from teachers. However, it isn’t as easy as ABC because not everyone can balance studies, work, and personal life. Are you the one who needs help with this? Our essay writing service will be glad to come to the rescue and show you that you can write better papers without sacrificing personal wants and needs. We’ve helped hundreds of students to become successful in each sphere of their life by assisting them with a part of their assignments. Don’t hesitate to entrust your homework to us—you’ll get tons of inspiration and motivation to write excellent papers.

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We believe that only well-educated writers with a deep knowledge of a certain field can create valuable papers. Our top-rated essay writing service is the one that hires those who have worked in educational establishments and experts in other spheres with impressive writing skills. Each of the writers is a specialist who has passed the language test and evaluation defining the level of knowledge in a certain field. Hiring us, you can be sure that your paper will be done by a competent writer who graduated from a college or university and has all the necessary skills for meeting your expectations.

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Want to be 100% sure that you won’t waste your hard-earned money? We are here to provide you with such a guarantee. Why should you choose us among many other good essay writing services? The reason is simple. We take care of our clients protecting their customer rights. We take responsibility for each project we work on. Make sure that you don’t have to worry about anything when buying our top essay writing services.

  • Quality control. Don’t have any doubts that we’ll comply with all of your requirements. We check each paper with the help of advanced plagiarism and grammar checkers to make sure that it’s authentic and error-free. We’ll deliver your paper after we ensure that it’s well-written and corresponds to all of the requirements.
  • Affordable prices. Want to get our paid services but don’t have much money? We have a flexible pricing policy according to which every customer can get services for his/her money. For example, if you want to save some funds and get essays for cheap, you can hire a writer for whom English isn’t the native language. Be sure that each of our writers has a proficient level of English.
  • The best-qualified writing team. Our reliable essay writing service has a team consisting of over 500 writers among whom are specialists from the USA, UK, and other countries. We specialize in over 60 disciplines. We can ensure you that our American and other writers are real experts who love what they do and do this best.
  • 100% confidentiality. We are a trustworthy essay writing service that protects clients’ information from any unauthorized access. Don’t be afraid to share your personal details via our website—it’s is in good hands.
  • Money-back guarantee. We do our best to make you feel free from worries. Our professional essay writing service offers risk-free writing help online. Have you changed your mind to get a custom paper or faced some issues? We’ll give your money back without any problems.

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Are you not sure that your English is perfect? Find it difficult to understand the teacher’s requirements? You don’t have to deal with academic problems on your own. Our experts will be glad to share their knowledge with you. Just write “Help me to do my college assignment” and our rush essay service will complete it before the deadline. Forget about the pressure caused by tight deadlines. We work quickly and effectively delivering papers on the due date.

Tell us about the type of paper you need and make a payment choosing the option you find the most convenient one, and we’ll do the rest. First, you’ll see the draft version of an essay to make sure our specialists have taken into account all the paper requirements. Then, we’ll send the completed paper for you to approve it. Get your tasks from reliable professionals and enjoy your college years. We guarantee that you won’t regret if using our quick writing assistance. Our trusted specialists will deal with any problem related to academic writing better than anyone else!

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Our writing guru will complete an insightful paper that reveals the topic problem and offers effective solutions. We are here to assist you with any academic project. It doesn’t matter how complicated the essay topic is. Choose our A+ paper writing services and deal with any challenge effectively. Our experts will do their best to impress the most demanding college student with unique ideas. We work quickly meeting urgent deadlines without sacrificing the paper quality. Have you forgotten that you need to submit the essay tomorrow? Our writers can complete papers you would give an A+ within several hours. Neither earthquake nor flood will prevent us from meeting the deadline.

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